Solutions / Mobile Point-of-Sales (MPoS)
mobile web insurance takaful point-of-sale solution

mobile web insurance takaful point-of-sale solution
Mobile Point-of-Sales (MPoS) is a multi-platform, mobile offline and web solution that supports the entire insurance/Takaful sales cycle. It is a comprehensive, paperless, end-to-end sale and submission process.
Our MPoS Configurator can be used for self-maintaining the app in the following areas:
  • Add & remove modules
  • Add, modify & remove fields in UI
  • Edit financial analysis & e-app questionnaires
  • Validation rules
  • Underwriting limits
  • Edit alert messages & tool tips
  • Add in new languages
  • Changes can be updated over the air without reinstallation
  • Dynamically generated UI
Building blocks behind this comprehensive solution range from the following modules:
  • Contacts/prospects/customers management
  • Fact-finding, financial needs analysis & prioritization
  • Risk profiling & Product recommendation
  • e-Application with dynamic & reflexive questionnaires
  • e-Submission
  • Template driven report outputs
  • MPoS Configurator
The solution can be integrated with:
  • Policy benefits illustration & quotation system (ours or third party)
  • Electronic payment gateways for collection of premium
  • Third party biometric e-signature
  • Remote e-sign
  • vMeetMaster Face2Face for presentation & closing of sales remotely
  • myGoalMaster for sales activity management
  • Company backend admin systems
  • Expert underwriting engine