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vMeetMaster Meeting
A web-based video meeting system that allow company’s admin staff to invite customers and public to video meeting. Participants only need to click on the link sent via email to join the video meetings.
This is designed to run on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Chromium Edge browsers on Windows and Android, and Safari browsers on iOS.
  • Runs on Internet browsers with no software installation on participants’ devices
  • Screen sharing for Windows
  • Group text chat box
  • Video meetings scheduling
  • Conduct e-KYC and capture of document images remotely with watermark added
  • Video recording of e-KYC and video meeting sessions
  • Send files to selected participants
  • Invite other participants, e.g. company staff, agency manager, etc., even while meeting is ongoing
Business Purposes:
  • Company staff can use this to hold small group video meetings with agents, customers and public
  • Sales intermediaries of non-agency distribution channels using web or Windows-based PoS can engage with their remote customers or prospects via vMeetMaster Meeting
  • Use e-KYC function to identify customers remotely and capture photos of documents e.g. ID card
  • Customers is able to remotely e-sign documents sent to them using eSAW
  • Staff on-the-road can join video meeting using their smart-phones just like teleconference
  • Conduct recruiting interview