Mobile offline & web Point-of-Sale, activity management, eSignRemote and virtual presentation & sales closing with eKYC

Product details:

Mobile Point-of-Sale (Mobile PoS) is a multi-platform (iOS, Android and web) solution that supports the entire insurance/Takaful sales cycle.

It is a comprehensive, paperless, end-to-end sale and new business submission process


vF2F can be integrated with

  • iOS and Android applications such as Native PoS
  • Web-based app such as web-based PoS

Supports engagement with remote customers to facilitate contact-less sales presentation and closing


myActivityGoal is a gamification enabled, goal setting and field activity management tool. It can be integrated with iOS, Android and web-based PoS.

Consists of 3 views:

  • Agent: monitor their performance vs goals
  • Agency leader: manage and supervise their field force
  • Company management: Project the overall future sales performance based on actual field activities

Explore Other Solutions:

A set of tools which shortens the turnaround time for launching new insurance & takaful products


Our multi-platform report library facilitates development of various applications to output identical reports on iOS, Android and web platforms.

Each template created to output a report for one platform can be reused to output the same report on other platforms.