Automates regression testing for Quotation System (QS)

Product details:

Supports web online, iOS & Android offline QS applications

Facilitates deployment of QS applications to multiple platforms

Record keystrokes and mouse clicks to generate test scripts

Reduce effort in developing test scripts

Output summary and detail reports on regression testing in pdf format

Records of regression testings can be used for products sign-off and kept for future audits

Compares actuarial excel file vs QS pdf reports

Verify accuracy of QS reports of new products added to quotation system

Compares old QS pdf (e.g. v1.0) report vs new QS pdf (e.g. v1.1) report

Ensure that changes to QS applications did not mess up logic for old products

Compares QS pdf reports generated from old OS (e.g. iOS14) against pdf from new OS (e.g. iOS15)

Verify that changes to QS application for new platform did not change product logic

Bugs directly exported to bugs tracking system

Developers will be provided with a complete record of all bugs found for them to fix on a timely basis