Video Communication System with built-in eKYC

Product details:

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari internet browsers

No software installation is required for customers.

Integrate with Company's native mobile or web applications to exchange data and documents

Contact information is shared between PoS and vF2F

Configurable customer survey after end of each meeting

Useful data to analyse to improve sales associates’ performance

Automatic Thank You email with social media contact info and vcf file sent to customer

Help sales associates to connect with their customers via social media

Use customers' email addresses stored in PoS system to call customer

No need to duplicate customers' contact information in both PoS and vF2F

Can share PoS screens with customer during a video call

Contact-less remote sales presentation

Sales Associate and his manager can conduct joint field work remotely

This is convenient and will improve sales closing ratios

Optional integration with vService to provide a remote PoS help desk

Sales associates can use vFace2Face to access PoS help desk for remote support

Optional integration with myActivityGoal

myActivityGoal can be auto updated with each vFace2Face meeting with customers

Group text chat box

To exchange documents with customers and to show accurate spelling e.g. name of customer and address. Send files to selected participants

Can schedule immediate or future video meetings with remote customers

Sales associates can save on travelling time, expenses and be more productive e.g. meet more prospects in one day. Also minimize physical meetings during the New Normal

e-KYC session is video recorded with permission from customers

Video records are stored on company servers to achieve security, maximum privacy and as evidence of eKYC session

With built-in eKYC that captures photocopy of ID document, selfie of customer and using facial recognition to identify customer against his ID photo

  • Helps in achieving contact-less sales closing
  • No extra integration efforts for our built-in vF2F and eKYC